Hi there! I'm a food and lifestyle editor with a focus on cooking, health, fitness, and style. I've been an editor at Rodale's Organic Life, Women's Health, Yoga Journal, and 7x7. But I also like to write features as a freelancer for Food ArtsRolling Stone, Williams-Sonoma, PrintSan Francisco, and Whole Living. I'm also the founding editor of Weekend Almanac. My most prized possession is a set of vintage Fiestaware mixing bowls, and I'll never say "no" to bourbon and a hot bath. 

FAQ: Where are you from?

FAA: I grew up in LA County (sunny but weird) and Idaho (rough and tumble). After college in Boston (oh-so classic), I lived for 10 years in San Francisco (oh-so dreamy). Then I risked it all and moved to Pennsylvania (I'll tell you why over a drink one day). But I spend a lot of time in New York (because I like the city as much as the country).